About Us

Our Story

At Pedal Bros, we believe that every adventure should begin, and end, in comfort.

From our experience, the end of a long ride can leave one with aches and pains when using a traditional two-wheeled bicycle. This discomfort led us into the world of three-wheeled trikes. After taking a ride on one of these trikes, we were overjoyed to find that after our ride we felt refreshed and pain free. This changed our view of cycling and has become our main mode of transport ever since.

Tammy and Alan have a solution to meet the needs of any level of rider.

Not only can they get you setup with your very own recumbent trike, but they will also take the time to ensure that you are completely comfortable with all the functionalities and understand the benefits of what you will experience for years to come.


Tammy Couture – Owner / Manager